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Tips to Choose an Entertainment Center, Media Console or TV Stand

Media storage brings stylish organization to your space. From books and DVDs to decorative vases and sculptures, our TV units allow you to showcase favorite decor items while storing away cords, remotes and game consoles. In living rooms, family rooms, home offices and even bedrooms, find media furniture that complements existing decor, such as sofas and coffee tables. Read on to learn more about how to choose an entertainment center, media console or TV stand.

Types of TV Stands

While many people have switched to slimmer flat screen and panel TV sets, there are still larger "tube-style" televisions that require more surface space on a media console. For this style, you want to make sure the TV stand's surface is big enough to support the equipment. To achieve this security, consider a traditional wood tv stand in classic colors, including black, white and brown. With flat screen TVs, the width of the TV console needs to only be as wide as the base—a look easily accomplished with a TV bench or floating TV stand. Many people also prefer the console's top to be larger than the width of the TV so there is room for speakers, decorative objects and other family room necessities.

TV Stand Width

Our consoles are available in multiple widths to accommodate a range of television sizes. If your TV has a 30" screen, consider using a smaller storage unit, such as a corner TV stand, in the bedroom. For larger televisions in the home theater that are 60", 65" or 70", opt to mount them to a wall instead. A floating TV stand below provides room for decor and storage. It's also important to consider what else you expect the TV stand to do. Need more storage for DVD collections or living room decor? Opt for a wide TV stand with ample shelving. Use additional space on a TV bench for displaying family photos, decorative vases, hurricane candle holders and other home decor. Doing so will help you find the perfect size for your needs.

TV Stand Height

Choosing the height of a TV stand depends on the other furniture in the room and how you like to view your screen. Many modern homes have the television unit mounted on the wall. If this is the case, first determine your ideal screen height, and then choose a cabinet that is lower than the bottom of the screen. If the TV console is meant to support the TV, think about how high you want it off the ground for comfortable viewing. Are you binge-watching a show from the king bed? Use a classic stand that's shorter in height—keeping the TV at eye level as you lie back. For those enjoying a movie in the family room, opt for a taller modular media console instead. Our media stands are available in various heights to complement viewing preferences.

Storage and Component Functions of TV Stands

Media centers often provide storage space for an entire room. They are designed to hold a variety of media accessories, including DVR players, cable boxes, dedicated video streamers, speakers and gaming systems. Our media centers often combine open and closed storage, allowing you to showcase the aspects of your media collection you are most proud of while concealing items that you prefer to remain out of sight. We also feature solid wood doors that create visual harmony with other pieces of furniture in your room, such as coffee tables. Open storage spaces and glass fronts work best for remote controls and their corresponding devices that require a clear signal. Recent bluetooth technology enables television and video gaming controls to work even when completely concealed.

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