All our sofas and sofa sets are made using the finest hardwood, high quality leather and fabrics. Our craftsmen are skilled at making you the best sofas to keep you comfortable and relaxed. 




Novardo Interiors is Pakistan’s premier source for quality sofas. We have a rich history of providing high-quality sofas in Pakistan at the best  prices with the best customer service. Novardo Interiors Pakistan invites you to stop by and take a look at our sofa collection before heading somewhere else. Explore our store as here you will find a stunning variety of living room sofas, bedroom sofas, lounge sofas, couch, kids room sofas, and more! 


Here’s a brief look at what you are going to find in Pakistan's best sofa collection.


Living Room Sofa Set

Sofas are the first thing your eyes look for when entering the living room at a friend’s house.  A living room with perfect furnishing but worn out sofas will make your guests feel scratchy.


A sofa is the primary component and something around which the comfort of living room is centered. Our highly skilled craftsmen offer a huge variety of sofas with custom made designs to provide maximum comfort. Moreover, the color, shape, size, fabric, and material of our sofas are chosen to go perfectly with the interior of your living room.


Bedroom Sofas and Sofa Sets

So, you’re bored with your old, worn out bedroom sofa set and want to buy a new one. Please come explore our sofa collection. Here you will find bedroom sofas that won’t only touch your heart but will also go perfectly well with your bedroom furniture and interior. 


Our bedroom sofas and sofa sets are practical and come in a variety of  finishes: fabric or leather. There are chesterfield sofas, french inspired sofas, 5-seater sofa with 2 wing chairs, golden sofas, and more in various sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns to match your needs. 

Couch Sofas

Buying a new piece of couch is never easy if you are the type who doesn’t frequently shop for furniture and stuff. But Novardo Interiors’s wide variety of couches makes buying an ideal couch or sofa in Pakistan very simple.

The color combination of our couches is out of this world and their irresistible style is sure to upgrade your living where you can truly feel comfortable. While buying a piece from Novardo Interiors, you wouldn’t have to worry about the level of comfort it is going to provide to you and your family because all our couch types i.e. leather, fabric, upholstered are made with great care and guarantee the same level of comfort for everyone.


The couches our craftsmen design include:

  • 2-Seater Couch

  • 2-Seater Couch Sofa

  • Couch Settee

  • Couch Settee with Cabinet

  • Stylish Circular Couch

  • Old Town Bends Couch, and more.


Lounge Sofas

At some point, we are all meant to transform the theme of our lounges from vintage to fresh designs. However, this can be really expensive and the certainty to get the desired luxury and comfort is still not there. But with Novardo Interiors, this is not a problem anymore.


Our collection is full of sofas particularly produced to go with modern interior designs and offer both comfortability and utilization of space they are positioned in. Our lounge sofas have strong hardwood frames with the ability to be flawlessly positioned in a corner or to be used as your lounge’s central point at prices hard to find anywhere else.